Armed with our experience of placing medical professionals over the years, through The Total Medical Alliance (TTMA); we saw a gap in the level of quality service, professionalism, critical thinking and simple competent know how in the market. We felt it our responsibility to lead the charge of preparing our team for a shrinking labour force caused by an aging baby boomer population, higher incidence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and governments focused on preventative care. Statistics shows that by 2030 the combined need for Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Nursing Assistants (NA) is expected to sky rocket to Thirty Two (32%) Percent. Now put mysterious respiratory illnesses such as COVID 19 in the mix and we realize that it is our job at TTMA College to prepare the right persons to meet the spiralling need for adept medical professionals. Our TTMA College Faculty which comprises of cross speciality Medical Doctors, nurses and human resources experts have done the research, designed pertinent millennium syllabus and we are positioned to be the Creme de la Creme as we prepare students for the dynamic medical world. We are passionate about our core values: Professionalism. At all times Efficiency. Innately know we are in the business of saving and making lives better. Analytical. Critical Thinking is essential. The very nature of medicine demands quick assessment and adjustment to serve the need presenting in the moment. Kindness. We believe a true medic will instinctly Do First and then protest later. Intelligence. By virtue of being intelligent we know every day circumstances present us with unique opportunities to learn. Quality. No exception.