The Total Medical Alliance (TTMA) , formerly  The Total Job Agency,  is primarily a medical recruitment company.   

Our founding CEO has over Twenty (20) years experience in the Medical Field, specifically cardiology, and over Seven (7) years experience as a human resource practitioner.   

TTMA exists to take the hassle out of finding qualified medical professionals to fill available positions in your homes and your businesses.    

Our database of  employees ranges the full gamut of the medical profession: nurses, doctors, dentists, technicians, pharmacists and phlebotomists to name a few.

As we gained prominence we realized that we had to extend our reach to fulfil the needs of our clients who required other professionals within their institutions and requested of us the facility. In our acquiescence we have extended our database to include other categories of employees; We offer sessional employees, temporary and permanent staff.

We entered the market with Job Fit as our emphasis and our slogan

“The Focus is you!!” 

Being Human resource practitioners ourselves we understand that there is a cost to recruitment and the Return on Investment (R.O.I.) is important to the sustainability of the organisation.  We also have experienced the horror of going through ‘zillions’ of unsuitable resumes to fill one available position, desperately praying that we will not have to re-advertise the position. 

From the employees perspective we also understand that irrespective of what supervisors say, we know that employees want to be productive at work; and so we do assessments to ensure that employees are recruited for and placed in areas they will find it easy to excel.


Training is high on our agenda and therefore we offer training courses for our clients' employees.  We provide a medical receptionist training course as we know from our experience that it takes a special effort to effectively manage patients.   We also offer a basic ECG Training course.

We maintain our standard of excellence in recruitment through training of our employees. All our job candidates are rigorously screened the ‘TTMA way’ before coming into contact with our clients.  All our clients are treated royally the ‘TTMA way’.  Our employer and employee support representatives understand that..

 “The Focus is you!!”